Saturday, June 20, 2015

Chronicles of a Two-bit Writer

Lessons From my Dad

Tilman Keith Edwards, MD as daddy’s signature always read was many things. He was a medical missionary to Nigeria, West Africa from 1958-1968. He was a beloved physician both in Nigeria and in Bluefield WV where he practiced for many years after he returned from Nigeria. He was the most brilliant man I’ve ever known. And he was a writer.

For many years he wrote for LifeWay. He wrote devotions for Open Windows, Sunday School curriculum, and a medical column in Mature Living Magazine. He has a few other credits as well–even winning a trip to Hawaii once from Medical Economics magazine for a contest he won by writing an article titled, “Making more Money just Means Being in Debt at a Higher Level.”

Yet, when I referred to myself as an author, a handful of years ago, after successfully getting a few small pieces published, these were his words, “Honey, you can’t call yourself an author until you have a published book, until then you are just a two-bit writer, like me.”

So I tease that my goal in life is to become a two-bit writer like my dad.

Well, soon, I will finally be able to also say I am an author! My first book, “Prayer: It’s Not about You” is set for release by PixNPens Publishing, , in September. I will keep you posted on that release and other writing adventures on this blog, as well as spotlight other writers and authors.

“This will be written for the generation to come, That a people yet to be created may praise the Lord.” Psalms 102:18