Monday, October 5, 2015

Book Announcement!

Though my work has been published many times, up until now, I have not had a book published. Today, I am excited to announce that is no longer the case. I now have one book released and very soon will have two. I will tell you about these in two different posts.
In my previous post, I told about the seasonal devotional book I co-authored with childhood friend, Shirley Crowder, and I shared one of the devotions. Today I want to share its beautiful cover and let you know how it can be ordered.
In my next blog I will share the news of my second book.
Here is the book and information pertaining to the devotional book:
TMP Books's photo.In early November, we get busy preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, and we often forget the real meanings behind these celebrations. We can guard against this by preparing our hearts to seek Him as we focus on God’s Word, and by remembering that Thanksgiving is a time to give God thanks; Christmas is the celebration of the Savior’s birth; the New Year brings new beginnings. Then, as we go about doing the things the Lord has called us to do where He has called us to do them, we catch Glimpses of the Savior and biblical truth in the things we experience and observe. These devotionals are based on memories of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations in Africa and America. May the Holy Spirit work through these meditations to help readers recognize Glimpses of the Savior in the things they observe, and become skilled at finding Jesus among the celebrations and decorations.


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